Underground Movement Vol. 7

Sunday, June 9 @ 3pm

Union Street Dance

725 Union St. Brooklyn, NY

With a special preview performance on Saturday, June 8 @ 5:30pm. Limited tickets


LIQUID SILVER, part II, Labyrinth is meditation on destiny that delves between past and present. Minotaurs threaten throughout while performers navigate traumatic mazes, sharp corners, and dead ends. Inaction is a choice, but survival instincts prevail, and action is taken through supportive communal rhythms and rituals that nourish the spirit. 
LIQUID SILVER is an autobiographical dance theatre trilogy about death, survival, and love. A multigenerational and culturally diverse cast will explore their ancestral heritage while delving into the collective mythos surrounding death and transformation. Accompanied by Caroline Partamian’s haunting sound scores and Donald Knaack’s pulsating rhythms, dancers will move through labyrinths, underground catacombs, and the pull of societal forces while trying to maintain equilibrium and wholeness.