2023/2024 AIR Symara Sarai and Kathryn Alter

You’re invited to see AIR Artists Symara Sarai and Kathryn Alter at Union Street Dance in December.

Sunday, December 3, 2023 at 3pm
Union Street Dance 725 Union St. Brooklyn, NY 11215
Free, registration required

Photo: Courtesy of Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Symara Sarai

I want it to rain inside (Working Title)

“This work is the autobiographical rodeo landscape of a queer black person confronting ideas and expectations of life to go a certain way and the celebrations/grief of this. This work will emerge forward portals of relatability, absurdity, illusion, and disillusion. An exploration of the complexities of black queer femininity and the magic of its vulnerability.”

Photo: Takushi Inada

Kathryn Alter

Unfold (Working Title)

“Using the juxtaposition of media demonstrating shifting environmental phenomena and live chamber dance pieces, I will explore how we understand time (past, present, future), forces (seen and unseen/internal and external), experience (conscious and unconscious), and memory (individual and collective) in relation to human encounters and the state of our environment.”