LIQUID SILVER: Sanctuary (Excerpts)
LIQUID SILVER: Sanctuary (Excerpts)

Eva Dean Dance performs excerpts from LIQUID SILVER: Sanctuary. This Summer Soltice Celebration at Bartow-Pell Museum Mansion celebrates New York Landmarks Conservancy’s 50th anniversary.

“Propelled by ritual and inner yearnings, dancers follow lush pathways illuminated by the descending sun in search of healing and connection. This site-specific dance performance is a meditation on personal growth within culture, community, and the environment.”

Dancers: Manuela Sanchez, Aria Roach, Katie Moncebaiz Choreography: Eva Dean

Video: Katie Moncebaiz

Performance: June 21, 2023 at the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum Bronx, NY

BOUNCE: A Mini-Process Documentary
BOUNCE: A Mini-Process Documentary

Artistic Director and Choreographer: Eva Dean

Dancers: Aria Roach, Jessica Campbell, Katherine Moncebaiz, Kirana Peters and Manuela Sanchez

Music: “Smell Memory” and “I’m 9 today” by Mum. Permission given Thule Music. “Whistle While you Work” by Artie Shaw and his orchestra. “What the World Needs Now, is Packaging more Packaging” by The Junkman (Donald Knaack Permission given The Moo Group

Video: Sara Diamond

BOUNCE (Sampler)
BOUNCE (Sampler)

BOUNCE (Sampler), including Bounce Surfing, Moon Garden, Genie, Dolphin

Choreography by Eva Dean

Performers Jessica Campbell, Eva Dean, Lauren Griffin, Claudia MacPherson, Erica Schweer, and Brooke Welty

Costumes: Jean Hill Lighting Designer: Zoë Klein

Stage Manager: Adrian Clark

Presented at Dance Theater Workshop, 2005

© 2005 Eva Dean, All Choreographic Rights Reserved

EDD Archival Reel (1983-1998)
Eva Dean Dance Archival Reel (1983-1998)

Archival reel of Eva Dean Dance performances from the 80’s and 90’s. Includes excerpts of: Slice (’83), Context I (’84), Riffling With Fifteen (’86), Untidy Packages (’88), Away From One’s Front (’88), Totem & Bamboo (’90), Welcome Back (’91), Civry (’93), Flurry Dances at the Boathouse (’94), Booted (’95), and Plunge (’98).