Raha Behnam Virtual Performance of "Void and Vigettes"
Saturday October 17, 2020 @ 7P
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(RSVP by Friday October 16)

RAHA BEHNAM is Union Street Dance’s 2020 Mertz Gilmore Late Stage Creative Stipend artist. Creating Void in Vignettes in collaboration with NAVA BEHNAM.  􏰁Void in Vignettes is a culmination of two years of performance research into loss, longing and absence.  Behnam continues to negotiate with these themes, this time in collaboration with fellow artist and her sister, Nava Behnam. (above banner created by Raha Behnam).

"As  a yearning for language and homeland continues to haunt the background of our lives, we consider what it has taken to survive. We weave a conversation through digital space, responding to each other’s visual, verbal and embodied statements, exploring how familiar life circumstances have led to vastly divergent ways of being and existing in our adoptive worlds." - Raha BehnamVoid in Vignettes will exist as a digital webpage, and the performance will be a guided journey through images, videos, writing and “live” movement through the now-familiar interface of Zoom.RAHA BEHNAM is a Brooklyn-based choreographer, performer, and contemporary performance-maker.In describing her multi-national identity, and approach to performance, she says: Conceived and born almost a decade after the Iranian revolution, my life has arisen out of the dust of destruction, turmoil, death, hope, and the sweat of my people. I make performance as a means of creating new cultural forms and possibilities in the face of loss, breakage, assimilation and forgetting. I am concerned with systems and practices for collective healing and engaged in liberation work through community-based counseling. NAVA BEHNAM is an interdisciplinary artist, performer and educator who lives in New Brunswick, NJ. Originally from Tehran, Iran, she migrated to North America when she was five years old. The devastating impacts of cultural assimilation and erasure in her own life have led her to embrace critical and culturally relevant pedagogy as essential for valuing and empowering all students’ voices and identities. Currently she is pursuing a Masters of Dance Education at Rutgers University and will become certified to teach dance in public schools. Nava’s own creative practice spans multiple disciplines; she writes, paints, composes, dances and choreographs. She also engages in liberation work through community-based counseling. /// 


ABOUT THE AWARD: Eva Dean Dance has a long history granting Brooklyn dance artists an opportunity to develop and present new work at our home studio, Union Street Dance.  Our Union Street Dance Artist in Residence programing is made possible by the Mertz Gilmore Foundation Late Stage Creative Stipend. This RFP is Mertz Gilmore Foundation’s effort to address the insufficiency of resources available to dance-makers in the later stages of their development process. The award comes with monetary support for the project, a space grant at Union Street Dance to rehearse and develop the work, and a public work-in-progress showing at Union Street Dance. 



Underground Movement Volume 3 and Volume 4 are site-specific pop-up street performances as part of New York City's Open Culture.  Union Street Dance presents this peformance series as a part of our effort to create more opportunities for New York City based artists to share work with one another, cross-pollinate audiences and receive feedback from a supportive community.  

Volume 3 is happening on Friday and Saturday June 25 & 26
Volume 4 is happening on Friday and Saturday July 9 & 10
5:30pm and 7:30pm

1) Save the date and attend
2) Apply to share work



For Union Street Dance Studio Rentals: Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and see our Union Street Dance information pages for details on rate/hours and availability. 


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Eva Dean Dance offices and Union Street Dance studio are located at 725 Union Street, Brooklyn NY 11215

beachpartyEmail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (718) 857-8368 to develop a program that best suits the needs of your school or organization.

Eva Dean Dance is adept at working with teachers and administrators to help develop new audiences and to create a residency that suits the specific needs of your constituency. The Company is available for our Interactive Anti-Bullying Assembly, Moving Beyond Bullying for grades 4-12. The Company can make available BOUNCE dance curriculum for Public Schools grades K-6. The Company is also available to provide residencies to colleges that include technique classes and/or lecture demonstrations. Longer residencies can culminate in a school performance where the students perform on the same program as Eva Dean Dance. Ms. Dean is available to teach Choreographic Workshops to all levels ranging from grade K to seniors. She is also available to create site specific works and choreograph dances for your local community. Photo of Eva Dean Dance by Kane Stewart

Moving Beyond Bullying: An Interactive Anti-Bullying Assembly
Eva Dean Dance has developed an interactive assembly that focuses on bullying and using the language arts to write and discuss the metaphors' inherent in the piece.  WELCOME BACK will be performed in this assembly and used as a springboard for discussion between students, the school's guidance counselor and Ms. Dean. Eva Dean Dance performed this at JHS 259 William McKinley in March 2013.

WELCOME BACK shows how a social clique, school girls in this dance, follows a 'leader' out of fear of being singled out themselves. The aggression toward and oppression of this scapegoat continues until one person within the clique steps outside the group, extending her hand to the abused individual. In this single act of courage and kindness the bullying is diffused. This interactive workshop is a new initiative and we will begin reaching out to the public schools where EDD has an established relationship.  


Public School Residencies 

Eva Dean Dance is available to teach grades K-6. The dance curriculum is based on BOUNCE movement vocabulary.

Eva Dean Dance (EDD) has provided PS 56 in Forte Green, Brooklyn a very special Art Education experience. EDD’s Art Education event featured our Newest BOUNCE dance as well as interactive student participation. Some of the other schools and organizations that EDD has brought dance to are IS 259 in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, and Alice Teirstein's "Young Dancemakers" in New York City.

Dean has also set EDD repertoire on college and conservatory students, created new dances for Brooklyn Public school students, and taught master choreography workshops as a guest artist. Past residencies and workshops include Hampshire College in Massachusetts, Bennington College in Vermont, and Hartford Conservatory Dance in Connecticut.

We are a versatile company that can tailor programming to suit the needs of each school or organization we work with. Ms. Dean and her dancers enjoy performing for and working with children, teens, college students, pre-professional dancers and non-dance students. Ms. Dean is available to choreograph dances for any age level. We would like to hear from you about your programming needs. For more information about EDD’s Art Education programming and College Residencies email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

College and Conservatory Dance School Residencies
*Residency packages are available to learn Eva Dean Dance technique and repertoire.

The Packages available are:

Three Day: Includes one lecture demonstration, one repertoire class and Eva Dean Dance performance(s).

Six Day: Includes one lecture demonstration, 5 repertoire classes and Eva Dean Dance performance(s).

Two weeks: Includes one lecture demonstration, 16 repertoire classes and Eva Dean Dance performance(s).

Company Repertoire Performance Residency: Includes one lecture demonstration, 32 technique classes, and 20 rehearsals to learn a selected dance from Eva Dean Dance repertoire. Residency culminates into a performance with Eva Dean Dance. Repertoire can also be performed as a part of the school's available repertory as negotiated in a contract.

*Adjustments can be made to all of the above packages depending on the needs of your college.

Site Specific Dances
Eva Dean Dance has received awards and critical recognition for its site-specific work. Ms. Dean is available to create a site-specific dance for your organization's dancers and local community. Past site specific locations that Ms. Dean has choreographed for include the Rock Garden, Lilac Grove and Horse Chestnut Grove in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, The Boat House in Prospect Park, Brooklyn and a turn-of-the-century barn in Massachusetts. A complete list of Ms. Dean's site specific choreography is available upon request.

Family and New Dance Audience Outreach Programming
BOUNCE, JR., is a 45-minute version of BOUNCE created specifically for those with a shorter attention span. The dances performed on the junior program cut straight to the chase by including the most energetic, awe inspiring movement. Dances featured are a wickedly fun playground romp, dolphins diving and surfing over giant balls, a rubber ball orchestra, and a cascading 500 ball waterfall.




For Union Street Dance Studio Bookings please visit our studio calendar followed by an email to Devon Stern at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request!



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